Zero Unemployment, Zero Poverty, Zero Net Carbon Emission

3 Zero Youth Festival

AACOSE 3 ZERO (Zero Unemployment, Zero Poverty, Zero Net carbon emission) Youth Festival is dedicated to inspiring and empowering youth for social change while celebrating the remarkable efforts of young people driving change and creating impacts.

Creating a dynamic environment for youth innovation and social impact

3 Zero Youth Festival Objectives

The festival serves as a platform for building youth networks to advance the idea of building a 3 zero world by providing a space for knowledge exchange, capacity-building, and collaboration. Through interactive showcasing, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, participants gain valuable insights, skills, and connections to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Create a youth-led open platform for young people to interact, promote social entrepreneurship, and participate in the implementation of the 3 zero club

Inspire and encourage active youth leadership and participation in social entrepreneurship

Develop new and strengthen existing youth networks to engage and monitor the implementation of youth in social entrepreneurship.