Brief of why you should become part of AACOSE

The Annual Africa Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (AACOSE) is a Pan-African gathering aimed at
fostering transformational interactions among key actors in the Changemaker movement, bringing together
leaders in the social entrepreneurship-social innovation-social impact axis, as well as key enablers from
diverse ecosystems.

In this conference, AACOSE hopes to foster multi-sectoral collaboration for innovation and economic resilience.

The conference serves as a catalyst for the transformation of the continent through the
development, growth, and scaling of social enterprises. Ashoka East Africa is a non-profit organization that creates and nurtures a community of individuals and organizations to be changemakers for the betterment
of society.

Ashoka East Africa has co-organized AACOSE, a forum for social entrepreneurs to bring forth new knowledge and talent, with Tangaza University College, an academic institution that provides competency-based training to Social Entrepreneurs.

AACOSE VI will be an opportunity to showcase case studies of cutting-edge innovations driving impactful systems change from leading social entrepreneurs and other changemakers, including faith-inspired changemakers.

AACOSE VI will also provide a space to learn and share from successful cross-sectoral collaborations, particularly between social innovators and government, as well as between social innovators and the private sector.

It will also highlight key thought leaders who are transforming Africa in a variety of fields, including higher education. It will also serve as a forum for debating and disseminating research findings related to social innovations.

Social enterprises will not thrive unless an enabling ecosystem exists. AACOSE VI aims to build a collaborative and healthy ecosystem for the African continent’s long-term growth.

The conference will address both the solutions that create an enabling ecosystem and the barriers that stand in the way.

The discussions are organized around the five pillars of the ecosystem building: Finance, Legal Framework, Support System, Human Capital, and Market.

Why attend the AACOSE conference !!!

The objective is to enable social enterprenuership's achieve there goals.


Spur interest in entrepreneurs tapping into opportunities in cyber security, supply chain management, resource management, health and security systems, employment creation and digital technology.


Create a network of social entrepreneurship researchers to advance evidence-based research on social entrepreneurship in Africa.


Encourage entrepreneurs to come up with concrete initiatives that will bridge the knowledge and skills gaps in youth, and contribute to the growth of social enterprises in Africa.

Capacity Building

Respond to the need for capacity building for the social entrepreneurs by creating a network ecosystem player in training who can support continuous capacity building for social entrepreneurs.