Dr. Beatrice Kariuki

Dr. Beatrice Kariuki

Founding Director, Health Cord Network

Dr. Beatrice Kariuki is a versatile medical doctor and an agile health practitioner. She is also particularly keen on and experienced in leveraging health data and digital health interventions for better health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 14 years, she worked in advisory, leadership and policy and data review consultancy roles with The Palladium Group, World Health Organization, Global Fund and Harvard School of Public Health amongst others. She successfully led programs in Zambia to increase uptake and use of national HIV program EMR and led clinicians in improving patient care, health systems and clinical operations using PDSA cycles, a structured experimental approach to testing change and learning. To establish and enabling environment for data and digital for health, she contributed to governance and sustainable workforce development for data analytics at national and institutional level through initiative such as MoH Data Analytics Guideline; Health Data Analytics and Data Use short courses through JKUAT’s Digital Health Applied Research Center. Dr. Kariuki has been also pioneer in the application of WHO SMART guidelines towards clinical, public health and data standards in the design and development of informatics solutions. Beatrice is the founding director of Health Cord Network, start-up that seeks empower the digital health solution providers, health workers and clients Navigate Choice and Simplify Health.

All Sessions by Dr. Beatrice Kariuki

4:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Plenary panel: Health: Wellbeing And Mental Health

Tangaza University College

Title: Building a wellbeing and mental health ecosystem for Africa This high-level panel will explore the challenges and opportunities in creating a sustainable ecosystem for promoting mental health and wellbeing in Africa. Our panel of experts will discuss innovative strategies for improving access to mental health services, addressing the stigma associated with mental illness, and promoting mental wellness in the continent. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the conversation on creating a healthier and happier Africa.