Building networks to advance social entrepreneurship in Africa

The conference will generate new knowledge through panel discussions and case studies. This knowledge will be compiled in a book that will enhance our understanding of social entrepreneurship practices and challenges. This will serve as a learning resource for social entrepreneurship.


Building networks to advance social entrepreneurship in Africa

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"Africa should seek to build and promote transformative business models"

Human capital development for social entrepreneurship

Prioritising the development of human capital.

Legal & Policy framework for social entrepreneurship

Imperative to develop strategies that create effective legal frameworks.

Digital economy in social entrepreneurship

Creating new avenues for social enterprises to address the challenges of the continent.

Faith and social entrepreneurship

Focusing on how faith-based organisations can achieve their social mission.

Climate and environmental crisis

Seeking to explore ways of collaborating to advance climate innovation.

Innovative model for social entrepreneurship financing

Designing new financial solutions that are favorable to social entrepreneurs.

Urbanisation and social entrepreneurship

Supporting social entrepreneurs to address the emerging challenges in urban set-ups.

Healthcare innovation and transformation

Focusing on innovations that enhance quality healthcare, insurance for the poor.

Agriculture and food sovereignty

Look at emerging opportunities contributing to food security, job creation, and livelihood improvement.

Refugees’ socio-economic integration

Understanding how social entrepreneurs are working to address the challenges facing refugees.

Youth, Culture, Sport, and Art innovation

Highlighting the crucial role that art and sports can play in advancing social entrepreneurship.

Growing social entrepreneurship in Africa

Networking through Partnerships

As social entrepreneurship continues to grow, there are local or national social entrepreneurship networks that have already been formed in some African countries. It is time to bring these existing networks together towards a continental network and strengthen their efforts.

As a response, AACOSE leverages emerging networks and other initiatives to establish a network of social entrepreneurship. For social entrepreneurship to evolve into a powerful force and movement for continental change, there is a need to connect and build a network of networks.

Growing social entrepreneurship in Africa

7th AACOSE Conference Methodology

The conference will use a methodology that blends diverse experiences and best practices, contributing to the generation of new knowledge and solutions.


Social business models of successful social entrepreneurs will be showcased.

Panel Discussion

The discussions will be organised in plenary and breakout sessions, providing opportunities for in-depth conversations and showcasing thematic areas. They will also be led by industry leaders.

AACOSE Academia

This will be the focus of the last day of the conference. There will be research paper presentations on Social Entrepreneurship. 


Our Keynote Speakers

Gain valuable insights and inspiration from thought leaders and experts in social entrepreneurship during our exclusive keynote sessions at the event.

Ms. Mary Mwiti

CEO, Council of Government

Michelle Stella

CISP Country representative for Kenya and Somalia

Kibret Abebe Tuffa

President of Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE)

George Jomo

CEO, Solubag Africa

Dr. Eleleta Surafel

Research and Program Coordination – Bela Risu Foundation

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