AACOSE Day 2 Highlights

The second day of AACOSE 7 continued the momentum from the opening day, featuring a series of insightful speeches, panel discussions, masterclasses, and significant announcements. The day’s events focused on innovative financing models, socio-economic integration of refugees, and the future of technology in Africa.


Keynote Speeches

A series of keynote speeches followed, featuring distinguished speakers from various sectors:

Mr. Michelle Stella, Country Director of CISP

Mr. Symphorien Pyana, CEO of AgroMwinda

Mr. Baraka Kerich, Chief Finance Officer of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

Roberto Carlos Astete Boettecher, CEO of Rab Corp. Technology SPA-Chile, 

Shazeeb M. Khairul, Managing Director of YY Ventures

The keynote session culminated with an address by the Chief Guest, H.E. Zsolt Meszaros, Ambassador of Hungary to Kenya, who highlighted the potential for international partnerships in advancing social entrepreneurship in Africa.


High Panel Discussion: Models of Social Innovation Financing

The morning session continued with a high-level panel discussion on “Models of Social Innovation Financing.” The session, moderated by Ms. Krupa Mandavia from Global Shapers, featured:

Ronald Inyangala from the National Treasury, who provided an overview of government initiatives to support social enterprise financing.

Geoffrey Nyamao from Faulu Microfinance Bank and Moses Ng’ang’a from Caritas Bank, who discussed the role of financial institutions in providing accessible funding.

Owen Muzambi from Gold Youth, South Africa, who shared experiences of youth-led social enterprises securing funding and scaling impact.

The panel provided a comprehensive view of various financing models and their applicability to different contexts within Africa.

Breakout Sessions

In the afternoon, participants attended specialized breakout sessions and masterclasses designed to provide practical knowledge and skills:

Master Class 1: “Innovative Financing Models for Social Enterprise” led by Mr. Michael Mutunga from Business Partners International, explored diverse funding options and strategies for securing investment.

Master Class 2: “Unlocking Social Entrepreneurship Potentials” with Muriel Akiko from Zuhura Africa, House of Genius, focused on harnessing entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.

Master Class 3: “Making Partnerships and Networking Work for Social Enterprises” conducted by Jane Nungari from Africa Social Entrepreneurship Workshop, emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships in scaling social impact.

Plenary Session: Shaping the Future of Technology and the Digital World for the Good of All in Africa

The plenary session on technology featured panelists:

Ms. Esther Gathigi, Country Director of Digital Opportunity Trust,

Mr. Symphorien Pyana, CEO of AgroMwinda,

Ms. Terry Otieno, Project Officer at UNDRR SEM/GFP – DRR Constituency, MGCY,

Mr. Bethelhem Dessie from iCog Labs, Ethiopia.

Moderated by Phyllis Atieno from Global Shapers, the discussion highlighted the transformative potential of technology in addressing social challenges and promoting inclusive development.

Launch of Network of African Social Enterprises (NASE)

A landmark moment of the day was the launch of the Network of African Social Enterprises (NASE). This groundbreaking initiative aims to strengthen social entrepreneurs and amplify their impact by unifying them under umbrella bodies. NASE will facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and advocacy, driving substantial progress in the field of social entrepreneurship across Africa.

Launch of Network of African Social Enterprises (NASE)

NASE represents a major step forward in fostering a supportive and interconnected ecosystem for social enterprises. Representatives from Social Enterprise Kenya, Social Enterprise Ghana, Social Enterprise Ethiopia, and Social Enterprise Ivory Coast, along with delegates from the 12 countries, celebrated this initiative by cutting a cake. NASE aims to unify social enterprises across Africa, fostering collaboration and resource sharing.

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